The 3 Ingredients to Your Lifestyle

In today's day and age, the "keys" to health and wellness seem to consistently pump out of the bottomless pit. From new and improved diet "movements", and newly discovered supplementation, it seems that the goal to becoming "healthy" has gone farther and farther from our reach and the 3 most basic building blocks to health are compromised.

Each and every lifestyle has its own nutrition plan, exercises, attitude, mentality, t-shirts and...water? Now, to make things clear, progression is a good thing and progression is needed for us to understand how to better maximize efficiency and clarity in everything we do; but with each step people take further into a certain health-lifestyle, the easier it is to forget the basics: fats, carbohydrates and protein. Sound familiar? These were your best friends long before you desired to fulfill your health goals, change your lifestyle, or simply educate yourself on well-being. How? By nature. Period. No need for advertisements or expensive labels. Nature has made sure to prove it's point when it comes to the balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins; and how these are the vital building blocks to any aspect of living a healthy lifestyle.


Fortunately, protein has always had a great career in the health and fitness industry; and for good reason! There has been no question that protein is THE essential ingredient to build muscle, and that protein is needed for the human body to survive. Protein is law. It is the statements that follow thereafter that create the controversy of such a basic concept. This next step of the "trend" is to over-analyze and raise enough questions from which new diets and concepts can be integrated. This way, more people who are willing to compromise health for an idea can be right, and now everyone can be healthy.

But what happens when "healthy" people don't look or feel healthy? They jump off the bandwagon, protein is bad, and health waves 'goodbye'.


Probably the hardest thing to explain to any introductory health advocate is the idea of fats. Isn't fat what we all want less of? How does it make sense to consume or supplement fat in order to lose fat?

Most people take the approach of using simple algebra to answer for our physiology:

"I have fat" - "fat" = "I have no fat"

Even in algebra, it still doesn't look right. The problem with this process is simple:

"Physiology is not simple algebra"

Yes, this may be dependent on perspective, but to put it simply: Nobody becomes an expert in Physiology by solely being a mathematician and vice versa. Instead, perhaps the problem isn't finding the answer. Our coaches have found many of their answers by the following quote: "In a world where we are all searching for the right answers, often without results, have you ever given thought to what the right questions are?" - Steven Clarke. In that light, maybe the right thing to do is humbly go back to the beginning and ask the big:

"What is fat?!"

You'll be surprised by how many answers you'll find when you can answer this one...


Finally, let's talk about the MOST controversial ingredient of well being, primarily because many theoretical "nutrition plans"/diets would rather take out carbs altogether.... if they could. So, by utilizing the previous sentence, we can understand the two "undeniable" truths:

1. Carbohydrates are good!
2. Carbohydrates are bad!

This just isn't fair anymore. No matter how you look at it, this is where the health and fitness industry has split and caused most of it's arguments, as well as its most dubious claims. Healthy with habits, healthy mentality, overnight success, timed weight-loss, abs in 30 seconds, testosterone of a bull, earth-shaking weight gains, etc. Aside from the fact that this sounds like advanced witchcraft, did you notice anything else? We went from health to unnatural changes REALLY fast. Everybody wants change, and wants change now, without thinking about the 'health' part of it anymore. Low carbs, or high carbs; weight or blood sugar; health improvements or self-induced diabetes. We have come to an age in progression where our health status is determined by a weight scale; and it would be an understatement to say that carbohydrates are misunderstood on this topic.

Final Words

In conclusion, we all have a choice on what our priorities are. There are always exceptions to the rule just like there are always people who are different than the rest of us; but one thing is certain: nobody comes into this industry saying "how can I make my self even less healthy today?" Everybody wants to feel better, look better, live better and thrive. We all know how to dedicate our time and health to the latest and greatest idea. The only difference is that many people are trying to find the one article that can define their personal health. There is no better way to build a solid foundation for YOUR health than to learn how these 3 ingredients fuel YOUR body.


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