Why Your Wait is Worth the Weight

Everyday, people get more and more fixed on how to get their health solved TODAY. Everybody has a a mentality to get "back on track" with their health and expect it to happen by tomorrow. In this article, I want to discuss how the journey to your health goals, is just as important as the end-result; why correct nutrition lays down the foundation for a lifetime of health.

When the majority of us have made the decision that it's time to get into shape or that it's time to take it to the next level, we have a tendency to base this next step on somebody else's body; somebody on the internet, or a friend of ours. They have the body you want, or they have attained the goals you aspire to tackle for yourself. Why shouldn't you ask them? They've done it, you see the end-result, so automatically their the right person to go to, right? Unfortunately it's not that easy. In simplest terms: they do not have YOUR body.

Our health is not where it is today just because of what we did yesterday. It has been, in itself, an end-result from the choices we have made over a period of time, and our genetics. Altogether, you have to know your body to create nutritional parameters that will make your body work towards your goals. That includes eating times, amount of food, exercise, sleep etc. By knowing this, you can create homeostasis in your body, get enough rest, feel the energy, and achieve your goals. You don't know what you don't know, and every step you take towards understanding how your body works is one step closer to a lifestyle that produces the results you want.


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