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The Body Challenge Is An Eight Week Health And Fitness Program By Celebrity Trainer Mark Macdonald

The Body Challenge is a total health and fitness program created with the goal of helping people break the yo-yo dieting madness.

The 8 Week Body Challenge was developed to be plug-and-play so it’s truly designed with the goal of taking your body and health to the next level.

Plug-and-play means the information is presented with the goal of making it easy to understand, quick to implement, and simple to follow.

At the core of The 8 Week Body Challenge is a 3 stage process with the goal of helping you burn fat, increase energy, and reprogram your metabolism.

The 8 Week Body Challenge is designed to deliver fast results and keep momentum flowing while also leading you into a sustainable way of life.

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Phase 1 is all about losing your bloat. We all carry that excess bloat which is mostly the product of processed foods, stress, salt, many, many things.

We begin The 8 Week Body Challenge by cutting all the foods that cause bloating. The goal of your seven-day detox plan is to trigger weight loss that you can see.

Then we clean your digestive system which includes your liver, kidneys, and colon. Finally, we'll conclude the detox phase by flushing the excess toxins from the body.

The weight-loss goal of the Detox phase is drop 7 to 10 pounds (individual results vary). The goal is to generate fast results that awakens confidence and belief in what is possible.

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The goal of Phase 2 is to have the pounds and inches dropping and your belly fat melting. You'll learn to eat the foods you love in a way that gets your body to burn the excess fat.

Second, you'll start sculpting your body with proven calorie-burning exercises. Third, you'll discover how to restore the healthy bacteria in your digestive system.

In your Ignite phase, the weight-loss goal is about 3 pounds a week (individual results vary), which is a safe, realistic, and great weekly number.

The weight-loss goal of The 8 Week Body Challenge (Phase’s 1 - 2) is 25 to 30 pounds (individual results vary). Some people lose more, some less and others none at all.

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Phase 3 is about evolving the plan so it works best for you, based on your goals and level of consistency. The definition of thrive is to make steady progress.

The goal of the Detox phase, is to lose your inflated weight, which get’s you back to the weight your body normally holds (or close to it). That weight was your true weight.

As you rock your Ignite phase, the goal is for you to break through your set point (the weight your body typically gets stuck at) and get your body to your true weight.

Your first step in the Thrive phase is to keep your momentum flowing long enough to actually reprogram your set point and metabolism to your new weight.

In your Thrive phase you'll also discover how to diversify your food. This is the time when you get to add some of your favorite foods back into your meal plan.

You'll also be diversifying your workout routine with new exercises. This will make your exercise fun and challenging so your body can continue melting the excess fat.

Thrive is also all about living energized which simply means living the life you want and owning your health. It’s also about making your plan a permanent part of your world.