The goal of The Body Challenge is to help you lose-weight and keep it off by showing you how to eat the food you love in a way that stabilizes your blood sugar levels and switches your body from fat-storing mode to fat-burning mode. Nothing makes me happier than hearing the stories of people’s lives being transformed.

Kyra - Lost 52 LBS (Individual results vary)*

Hi my name is Kyra Sheppard. I am 47 years old and a mother of three.

I lead a very busy life as a wife, mother, and owner of my own catering business.

I have needed to lose some weight for a while but life has gotten in the way. In my early 20’s I had two knee surgeries and a total hip replacement. Then to make matters worse over the last few years my hormones have started getting out of balance. Needless to say the weight came on fast!

I tried walking every day cutting my food in half and I even contemplated diets but nothing really worked.

Worried about my health and wanting to feel good I was introduced to The Body Challenge. I was skeptical when they told me I had to eat more not less to achieve my goals. It seemed too good to be true but I had nothing to lose so I started the program.

They matched me with a personal coach and she gently worked with me to learn and apply the program. She explained that the key to reducing my waistline was stabilizing my blood sugar levels.

Your blood sugar level is the amount of glucose or sugar that’s circulating in your bloodstream. It provides energy to cells immediately or be stored (as fat) for future use. I didn’t realize that a well-balanced blood sugar level is crucial to your overall fitness and well-being, regulating your hormones, triggering your body to burn stored fat, and increasing your metabolism to help you lose weight.

When I started doing The Body Challenge I realized that I had made weight loss way more difficult than it needed to be. Once I learned how my metabolism works and how my body processes the food I eat then I realized that I could really use all my favorite foods, all the foods that I was already eating to speed up my metabolism and burn off the excess fat.

My coach helped me to see that the real key was understanding how my body metabolizes carbohydrates. I had heard that carbohydrates made me fat but I loved carbs and I wasn't willing to give them up. Well, as it turned out I didn't have to give up my carbs!

I learned that there are two kinds of carbs; slow carbs that’s greens, most veggies and certain fruits and fast carbs. The ones I love and wasn't willing to give up were the fast carbs. That’s things like bread, pasta, sweets even beer and wine. They can cause you to gain weight if you eat them the wrong way.

The problem with my meals was it didn't have the right ratio of fast carbs to protein and slow carbs. My breakfast (and every other meal) was essentially all fast carbs which had the tendency to elevate my blood sugar levels putting my body into fat storing mode. Basically telling it to hang on to everything I was eating as fat (stored energy). That was happening at almost every meal.

What I learned through The Body Challenge was I didn't have to give up any of my meals. I just had to tweak the proportions so I had the right balance of protein and slow carbs with my fast carbs to even out my blood sugar levels and move my body into fat burning mode.

It was that easy and I didn't have to give up anything, I could still have my favorite dishes I just had to tweak the proportions and ratios to turn them into a fat loss plate and then those very same meals would even out my blood sugar levels causing my body to burn fat rather than store it.

Then I learned one other thing, and this was really hard to get my head around. Turns out I wasnt eating often enough. See when you go a long time without eating like I was between meals and in the evening your blood sugar levels drop and your body thinks it's starving putting your body once again into fat storing mode.

So what did I do? I adjusted my eating schedule and started snacking in between meals and into the evening. Now my blood sugar levels stay even keeping my body in fat burning mode all day long. It was that easy, you really can eat all your favorite foods and reduce your waistline every single week!

The Body Challenge has indeed changed my life. I get to eat all my favorite foods and because I eat every 3 hours I’m never hungry!

Since starting The Body Challenge I have lost 52 lbs. and 23% body fat (Individual results vary). My new hip feels great and I can finally exercise again. I have passion in things I thought were lost I feel confident that no matter what life throws at me I have the knowledge and tools to keep me on track.

And yes I have guilty pleasures and I do indulge in them! But that’s the beauty of The Body Challenge Program I can still eat all my favorite foods I just have to tweak the proportions, which stabilizes my blood sugar levels keeping my body in fat burning mode.

Angie - Lost 18 LBS (Individual results vary)

My name is Angie Kenner and I started the body challenge in August 2014 as a last ditch effort to loss weight. I heard about The Body Challenge on the radio one day on my way to work and thought I would give it a try. I had my doubts because I have tried every diet and diet pill out there with no success in losing weight. When I was 32 years old I had to have a hysterectomy due to some medical problems and with the hormone change in my body it made it even harder to lose weight. I told myself that if this did not work I would just deal with living my life as an overweight person and no longer try to lose weight. After reading the handbook I started feeling like this may be the lifestyle change I was looking for and my coach Alex was always there to answer all my questions.

After doing the program for about a month I lost a couple pounds and thought that it would be just beginners luck. I started noticing that my clothes were fitting much looser and when I would eat I would not feel hungry. I would eat candy and it would not taste good to me anymore. I started noticing that I would not crave sweets and being more smart about my choices in snacks. I still have little candies once in awhile but do not eat a whole bag in one sitting but can stop at eating two pieces and be ok with it.

The best thing about doing this life style change is that I have dropped 4 dress sizes and lost about 18 pounds since August (Individual results vary). Now to some people that is not huge but to me it is because it has been nine years since I have been under 150 pounds. I know that The Body Challenge is a lifestyle change not a diet, I will be able to lose the amount of weight I want and keep it off. I am excited to continue to this lifestyle change with the new year and look forward to what I will look like this August just 12 months after starting.

Michelle - Lost 35 LBS (Individual results vary)

Michelle Totten gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy. She wanted to drop the weight but needed a plan. Being a parent to three small children is 24 hour a day job. After the chaos of having her third child, Michelle found the weight was more stubborn and harder to lose than her previous pregnancies.

With a goal to get back in her “skinny” jeans. Michelle took the challenge started making better choices when it came to her diet and fitness routine.

In just 8 short weeks, Michelle dropped 28 pounds and 23 inches (Individual results vary). What’s even more impressive, she completed the challenge while still breastfeeding!

Michelle has now recruited her husband Scott and both of them have adopted the program as a way of life. With their growing family in mind, making their health a priority was the easiest decision of their lives.

Whitney - Lost 20 LBS (Individual results vary)

Whitney Rudd said the first time she realized she had a weight problem she was in 5th grade and a boy said, "Wow, you ate too many cupcakes over the summer." She continued to struggle throughout middle school and her freshman year of high school and felt that no guys would ever want to date her.

In her sophomore year of high school-in hopes of fitting in-she was determined to get as low a number on the scale as she could. She fought with anorexia, a low self-image, and depression. Her diet consisted of a morning coffee, a McDonalds sweet tea for lunch, and McDonalds fries for dinner.

Then just one year later she went from 103 lbs. to 140 lbs. which really showed on her 5'3" frame!

In just 8 weeks, she’s lost 20 pounds and several inches (Individual results vary). She says "I haven’t seen 120 pounds in a long time! I love this program because you lose so much in the first week that it just lights your fire and keeps you motivated to keep going. This experience has been hard, but has been so worth it."

Seth - Lost 30 LBS (Individual results vary)

Seth Arzt says "I've been the big guy my whole life. Growing up, I was always the tallest and heaviest in my classes. Most of my life, I've had a bit of a belly, but I didn't let it slow me down. I'm 33 years old and love to snowboard, skateboard, surf and whatever else is fast and dangerous. In addition, I'm a carpenter by trade."

Seth says he did the program because "I enjoy my active lifestyle and want to keep it exciting as long as possible. By changing my eating habits permanently, I figured that I could lose most of my belly fat."

"In just 8 weeks, I lost 30 lbs. and I'm really happy about it (Individual results vary). I'm going to continue eating healthy and following the program, so that I can lose more weight."

Karri - Lost 13.9% Body Fat (Individual results vary)

I have been pondering exactly how to tell my story. Today being Independence Day, it seems so appropriate and simultaneously ironic. You see, for the first time in over 30 years, I am finally able to embrace the freedom of loving who I am from the inside out!

In the past 8 weeks, I discovered some fantastic new work-outs, lived without a stomach ache for the first time in 40 years, and set some pretty lofty goals that I can proudly say I achieved every single one.

The crescendo came on the last day of the challenge when I had scheduled my final Body Composition test. Once the results were calculated, I was told, "I can't believe you achieved this! Congratulations, Karri! This was 100% your diet." I have no doubt that anyone within a 50-yard earshot heard my screams of elation.

With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, I skipped away feeling one of my proudest moments ever. Never before had I invested so much time and energy in myself in such a positive way, and my results proved that I was on the right track. The best part - this isn't a fad. I don't feel as though I've achieved something that can't be maintained in a healthy way. I am now on my way to thriving!

It truly is impossible to fully express my gratitude. Just know that I am sincerely and forever indebted, and so are the others who've joined me.

Are You Ready To Take Your Body And Your Health To The Next Level?

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When you begin to apply the principles of The Body Challenge Program, you will be proving to yourself that astounding changes are within your grasp too. And, you will discover that The Body Challenge Program is much more than physical fitness - it's a gateway to a new and better life, a life of rewarding and fulfilling moments, perhaps more spectacular than you've ever dared to dream before.

The principles of The Body Challenge Program are surprisingly simple but remarkably powerful. So allow yourself to take your mind, your body, your life to a higher point than you may have ever dreamed you could.